Interactive Art Installations

interactive art

QR Riddles

[Processing, TouchOSC, Arduino]

Piano Piece


Marble Run



[Raspberry Pi, Webcam, Node, Twitter API]

Web Projects

web projects

Spotify Data Visualisation

[d3, Mongo]

Music Sequencer

[JS, Web Audio API]

Retrospective Facilitation App

[Node, Websockets]




[Cinema 4D, After Effects]

Tin Can Calm

[Processing, Kinect, Cinema4D]

Lost Tonight



[Cinema4D, After Effects]

command line commits tool

tools / misc

Mystification and Translation: Software, Art and Audience




Hiera Secrets Manager


My Old Website


narayan's specs

Narayan O'Hanlon is a Software Developer and Digital Artist.

Weekdays, he builds applications as a Full-Stack Software Developer for ustwo, regularly taking care of Cloud, DevOps and Infrastructure work.

Weekends and evenings, he's sometimes decompressing and watching crime drama. Often he's making art, music, or writing code.

Some artifacts make their way to this site.

Some personal photographs make their way to flickr.

Spotify Data Visualisation

Visualising my Spotify habits. This application presents the artists I've been listening to over time in an animated chart.

A cron job triggers the collection of my own listening data from Spotify APIs. Handles data de-duplication, persistence in mongoDB and access/refresh token management.

The Node backend aggregates data and passes data to d3 on the client, showing listening patterns of a shortlist of my most-listened-to artists for any given period, down to the minute.

Link & Screenshots

Instructions for usage:

- Visit

- Use the two date selectors at the top to retrieve data from within that range.

- Use the pop-out options menu on the left to change the shape and fidelity of the chart.

Spotify Data Project


A simple sequencer app for making multi-track tunes in the browser, and visualising them on a grid of squares. It's possible to configure Instruments - synthesizers/oscillators created using the Web Audio API.

You can structure bars and sections (phrases), and save compositions. It's also possible to loop and visualise whole compositions on a grid of squares. The intention is that sequent compositions are a generic data structure that can be used to orchestrate arrays of nodes (lights, motors etc)

Works well on a healthy desktop computer in Google Chrome.
Not yet styled for mobile.

Link & Screenshots

Instructions for usage:

- Visit on a desktop computer.

- Click the playback/sequencer slider, to enter sequencer mode.

- Load a demo song by clicking the down arrow by the slider, and choose "demo".

- Click the playback/sequencer slider, to enter playback mode. Hit the ▶ button to watch/hear all instruments play back the composition.

- In the sequencer view, use the ✚ and ✖ buttons to add and remove Sections and Instruments.

music sequencer project

Taboo Retrospectives

Web App to help Agile Teams run retrospectives to pick apart taboo topics. Features facilitator admin page, and live-chat across multiple topics.

I've used this tool to facilitate retrospectives with small (3-5) and large (~15) agile teams.

Link & Screenshots

Instructions for usage:

- Visit and create a new room with a name and any codeword. You will see the admin panel. Please keep this window open until after you've finished your Retrospective.

- Have your team members visit the site on their own computers/smartphones. They can then click on the name of the room you created and enter the codeword to join. All they need to do is follow the onscreen instructions.

- As the facilitator, you will get to decide via the admin panel when enough time has passed to trigger each stage of the retrospective.

- After the retrospective is done, enter the room in a new window as a participant, and save a copy of the page from your browser if you want to keep a copy of the conversations.

- In the admin panel, click Close Retrospective.

taboo retrospectives project

QR Riddles

Interactive installation controlled by smart phones or tablets.

The main interaction revolves around users solving two puzzles: Arranging pieces of QR Codes to finding matching/valid codes, then piecing together clues retrieved from the codes to solve a riddle.

Tech setup: Touch OSC client sending signals via Wifi to Processing, controlling an Arduino connected to two Continuous-rotation Servos.


Piano Piece

Interactive installation involving a deconstructed Prepared Piano.

Playing particular notes on the piano results in a different note being played. The impact of this is an unpredictability that forces players to produce twelve-tone serial compositions, a style exemplified by the later work of Arnold Schoenberg.

Experienced Pianists and Novices alike begin on a level playing field.

Exhibited in London Gallery West, UK.


Marble Run

When a visitor enters this gallery's bathroom, an infrared sensor is tripped, and an Arduino triggers a marble into a run, where it rolls into a diarama of the gallery itself.

Exhibited in The B-Room at The Comfort Station Gallery, Chicago, USA.



Absurd interactive installation: A fortune-telling twitter bot whose responses are powered by the location of a robot fish in a tank.

The plinth in which the tank is mounted also contains a webcam and Raspberry Pi. When receiving a tweet, the position of the fish is analysed before sending a number of themed responses.

A collaboration with Jason Storey. Exhibited at "The Tame Modern", an exhibition at Dove Studios, Norwich, UK.

Photos & Screenshots

wanda installation

Leon Vynehall - Blush

Second of two videos for Leon Vynehall. After creating and animating 3D models in Cinema 4D, I brought exported video to After Effects to synthesise a sort-of hypnotic composition.

The record is based on the mating rituals of Birds of Paradise, and the video includes many direct references to the movements and colours of the male bird's dances.

Video used/mentioned in music press: Pitchfork, PromoNews


Peh Per Ghost - Tin Can Calm

Using Processing to capture a point cloud from a Kinect camera, I brought data into Cinema4D and threaded a single spline through points to create the main visual theme for the video.



A command line tool to help agile teams using 'Karma' semantic git commit messages. Search recently used tags, authors and get stats on them. Built with bash.

Check it out on Github here


commits project

Hiera Secrets Manager

Open Source contributions to Hiera Secrets Manager project - allowing Puppet users to provision infrastructure automatically pulling secrets from AWS Secrets Manager.

Check it out on Github here

My Old Website

The website you're on right now is always sort-of under construction. If you want to see some other things I've done, you can use this link to see my old site.

Mystification and Translation

My undergraduate thesis examines software art from two perspectives: what kind of aesthetic experiences it can offer audiences, and a sociological perspective concerning the relationship between artist and audience.

It starts with a contextual study, making sense of the concepts behind software art, finding out why it is, and exploring the discussions about what it is, concluding that vast structures of social science have been assimilated by a software model.

This is followed by a discussion of what the aesthetic experience of software art consists of, considering if it can offer new experiences, including some textual analysis. The observations around user experience are framed with analytical, pragmatic and relational aesthetics, from which it is concluded that new aesthetic experiences are achievable, if only as a result of technological and social developments, which software art is a part of. I discover many aspects of the experience of software art lead us to a separation of artist and audience, and suggest ways to reconcile the two.

If the content sounds interesting to you, feel free to download a PDF document here.

Saje - Lost Tonight

Macro shots of paint and ink through thickened water, creating a serene mood.


Leon Vynehall - Butterflies

First of two videos for Leon Vynehall. After creating and animating models in Cinema 4D, used After Effects to composite and edit.

Video used/mentioned in music press: Pitchfork, XLR8R